What Do I Need To Do Not Pay The Metrobus Fee?

The public transportation hike, which started to be applied with the date of September 1 for Istanbul public transportation vehicles, continues to be applied despite all the reaction it has received. We shared the details of which means of transportation in Istanbul and how much, in our news titled "New Public Transport Hike in Istanbul".
Metrobus Pricing System Changed
It is beneficial for metrobus users to pay attention to the pricing changes related to metrobus in Istanbul transportation vehicles. Because those who do not know the new pricing system have to pay for the money they pay by means of money back machines.
What Has Changed for Metrobus Prices
According to the new application called Gradual Price App, the application made for the first three stops was now available for all stops. In the old system, with the metrobus, the 3 stallor took back some of the money he paid, and the 3 was charged at a standard rate for more than the stop.
According to the new system, the prices of metrobus are as follows:
1-3 stop 1,60 TL
4-9 number of stops 2,40 TL
10-15 number of stops 2,50 TL
16-21 number of stops 2,60 TL
22-27 number of stops 2,70 TL
28-33 number of stops 2,80 TL
34-39 number of stops 2,90 TL
40 and above number of stops 2,95 TL
The point is that, for example, a passenger from Zincirlikuyu to Sogutlucesme pays 8 TL despite the 2,95 stop. 55 with money back machine at the time of purchase should take the difference of dime or how many stops if it pays 2,95 TL. Therefore, the surcharge of money paid to the machine, always get the money back.

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