How long has TÜVASAŞ been on the world market?

Do not! .. I'm ashamed if it starts to compliment my surroundings, friends or a citizen on the street. In fact, sometimes my face is red. Because we're not ages. There are teenagers who write better!
What does this entry have to do with TÜVASAŞ? There are so many! My most vivid witness is Mr. Ergün Atalay, President of Railways Business. Not enough, is Mr. İsmail Çallı, the Legendary Rector of SAU! ..
Today's TÜVASAŞ is not in a position to be proud of! The unique function of Adapazarı Wagon Factory in this country between 1965-1975; Those who do not know or learn that History can never put today's Tüvasaş in the right place! ..
The AKP is Political Power; does not deal with this side of work; The political looks to boast!
Transportation Officer-Sen President and his friends came to TÜVASAŞ today and said that BID was awarded the International Award in the Gold Category and said, "TÜVASAŞ will achieve even greater success in international markets!" It is a futile effort to put the praises.
TÜVASAŞ does not benefit this country as much as 30-40 years ago. Moreover; Since the first day EUROTEM was brought into TÜVASAŞ's bosom; TÜVASAŞ is not even half an organization and it is written to be raw.
So in 10-15 years; Selling 8-1O wagons to Bulgaria, Iran-Iraq, Syria cannot enter the international market either! The EUROTEM partnership, which will make TÜVASAŞ raw, was established for a market that could not meet the 1000-year need of this country. Turkey, Rail and Metro Systems has just begun to do. BUSINESS does not end for 1000 years: -)
Haaa! .. How does Sakarya see the truth? How much profit did net every year since EUROTEM came in? He is the main owner of the Giant plants, the Giant Factory; How much profit did TÜVASAŞ make every year after the partnership was established?
Is it international, that is very clear at that time! The rest, political populism!
It should not be a mistake to see Ayhan Sefer Üstün and Hasan Ali Çelik as the northern deputies of Sakarya? So; Ortaköy, Kocaali, Karasu, Ferizli, Söğütlü If we say we should ask them, it will be!
Like them, the other 3 members of the AKP "Village Origin!" we know. Mera; It is correct to think that the Fertile Agricultural Lands, the Village and the Peasants should know best. I am of Village origin and I am honored to claim
What is going on in this north of Sakarya? (Which, all around us?)
Who, which powers can set up the Cement Factory, Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant, OIZs in the most unlikely lands, can think?
You are of village origin; You don't know the S of the destroyer Industry! Karasu Railway is being built. I went, I was startled with terror; divides the unique farmland in the middle !!!
MERA! .. MERA! .. MERA! .. Will it be a Natural Gas Power Plant in MERA ???
Go to Israel, try to build a Natural Gas Power Plant in Mera, war breaks out! Sakarya is an agricultural and livestock region. The destroyed Serdivan Arabacıalani pasture is the most striking example. Bad examples that condemned us to Imported ANGUS in Kurban!
I've gone a lot in the recent years to the area of ​​Istanbul and Istanbul. God; Around Sogutlu; Kurudil, Maksudiye, Demirbey, Rustemler affords abundance of villages! The land is great, water, climate and HUMAN; everything has been gifted with great blessing!
“These lands are our favorite. Didn't they find another place! ” We should be grateful to the President of the Söğütlü Chamber of Agriculture, Mr. Recep Özlü.…
As Sakarya is silent; neighboring provinces started to throw toxic industry to Sakarya!

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