Turkey's first female engineer Necla Roosters, 23 years underground in line

Necla Horoz, who has been a mechanic on metro lines for 23 years, says that he loves his job very much. Explaining that he could not spare time for his family because they worked in shifts, Horoz stated that using the subways is difficult because of the passengers and said, "We get tired especially on match days because the fans prevent the vehicle from moving." says.
Turkey's first female engineer Necla Rooster, Istanbul Transportation Inc. for 23 years working in line within the body. Nowadays, he is the chief engineer in Taksim-Hacıosman metro. Stating that the passengers were surprised to see that the woman used the subway, Horoz says that it is not difficult to use the subways, but that they have problems because of the passengers. Stating that some of the passengers thanked, the female mechanic said, “When the passenger thanks, all our tiredness goes away. This job is very nice, but you can't spare much time for your family. Because we work in shifts, we cannot get together on holidays. " says. Explaining that they were tired especially on match days, the female mechanic said, "Because the fans prevent the vehicle from moving." using expressions. Stating that they are expected to make mistakes all the time, Horoz states that contrary to popular belief, female machinists make fewer mistakes.
Necla Horoz, a graduate of Yıldız University Railway Construction and Management, is the most experienced mechanic of Istanbul Transportation Inc. Having worked as a mechanic on Istanbul metro lines for about 23 years, Horoz's love for the railway started at a young age. Stating that his father was a railroadman, he grew up on the side of the rails and trains since he was 5 years old. “I just wrote and won in the university selection exam. At first my intention was not to work in this field. I was saying that I would read it while I won, then I would do another job. After entering the school, his love for the railroad prevailed and I couldn't do any other job. ” he speaks. Starting to work between Kartaltepe-Emniyet at the age of 18, Horoz became the mechanic of the Zeytinburnu-Eminönü tram line 11 years later. Saying that he had an adventure almost every day for 3 years he worked on the tram line, Horoz explains an unforgettable memory as follows: “Previously, Eminönü tradesmen did not want the tram. One day, when I was on the Gülhane side, a car parked on the tramway in front of my eyes. I warned, it didn't pull the tool. She didn't even care because I was a lady. In front of my gallery, I would park, of course, he snapped. I also announced that we cannot pass into the tram because the gallery owner did not pull his vehicle, I said and opened the doors. The passengers got off, took the vehicle off the road and we passed.
I'm praying not to have a match day
Necla Horoz, who moved to Taksim metro after the tram line, has been carrying thousands of passengers every day for about 10 years. Mentioning that he had many difficulties because of the passengers, Horoz said, “Sometimes we get a lot of reaction. They think we cannot use the train because we are a lady. A man doesn't have to prove himself. Whereas, women are more sensitive about rules and usage. ” says. With the addition of Seyrantepe station to Taksim metro, new ones have been added to the difficulties experienced by the mechanic Horoz. Explaining that Galatasaray fans who went to Türk Telekom Arena using this line damaged the metro on match days, Horoz said, “I pray that I do not have a trip during match hours. The fan is preventing the subway from moving. Especially when they see that he is a female machinist, they ignore any announcements. It is a complete nightmare for us. " He speaks in the form.

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