Tram vs speed train

We could not reach an agreement on what would happen to the Station Bridge. So I said not to interfere, but it doesn't, the solution can't be found. So you're finally gonna make me say the solution. Now let's take a look at Hakkı Kutlu's column in order to better explain it: By joining the suggestion of the head of the İMO Branch, Fercan Yavuz, he said, “The only way to demolish the station bridge was to say 'one-line displaced'.'N Yesterday, MP Salih Koca called; . I'll ask one question,? He said: ızı Can you tell us, Mr. Bey, what would you suggest we do with the high-speed train and the tram line's energy lines? Then he added: kadar Let's wait for why this is so for a short deplase. One of the two power lines has to be cut. Since the high speed train cannot be cut Hızlı tren
I'm moving on to how. The fast train and tram are like two stubborn goats that intersect at a place according to this project. Someone needs to be turned off at the time. E wouldn't want anything like that from the fast train now; After all, guests are counted in our city. Then he'il be on the trolley. We're going to take our trolley to pay for our loyalty.
Don't assume that I use may hand throw ığ as an idiom. When the tram passes the high-speed train, it will close the contact. Inside passengers will also go down and v take the “trolley and they will push it. Thus, both the problem will be solved and we will give the whole world a “force from unity hem lesson.

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