Logistics center discussion in Trabzon ..

For Akyazi; For the Çamburnu Logistics Center, the ı TIR garage becomes ise rhetoric, the Mayor of Trabzon said; Orhan Fevzi Custom.
"Akyazı from Çamburnu to" The reason we're typing, Trabzon instead of finishing the job in recent years, producing a lot of nonsense to draw attention to the habit was to emerge ..
Let us repeat; "At the Uskudar area is undergoing", but is still in Trabzon, "This ride should I, or should I ride?" Unable to complete the comparison, habire stops talking! ..
Here, Kayseri, Turkey's most modern football stadium 2 season's disposal; but 10 has been on the agenda for a while even more filling in Trabzon could not be completed.
Our concern, "Çamburnu will be the same" diet! .. That is the point we want to attract real attention to this social reality .. So instead of doing the job, too, and unnecessary talk, when we lose! ..
Well, speaking in our "in where that came from, so use until the end of the air in Ankara, the central government should move as far as it breaks Trabzon, we should be supporting him" what we call Trabzon Mayor Dr. When Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, we searched on behalf of the public by searching and learning, we put the words adına word flies ları into the lines.
And when you pour. Gümkükçüoğlu called and said that he could not have intention of adding water to the cooked side; moreover, the vaccine, the logistic center is in the best way to build the account, he said.
In fact, we have written that the logistics center in Sürmene Çamburnu, which is in the most favorable position, can be installed without wasting time, but the businessmen who will invest in it are already saying. Get the infrastructure they expect from the state, hand them over to them.
Mayor of Gumuscuoglu, such a center was brought to the end of the small, rather than large volumes of ..
For this, the "I'm a single account, Trabzon and Turkey is winning, saying," 400 acre area located Çamburnu this reason, and that should be enough to see listed as follows:
Olm -The rail link is located, or very close
-The depth is not less than 20 meters ..
- Enlarging the area to be used by filling your area .. -D
Is it possible to say mü not Say to Mr. President's thoughts? Never..
But there is also the fact of the business. It is, even in this state as Çamburnu increasingly shrinking the economy of Trabzon and the region without waiting too much to have an investment and preference.
Industrialists and representatives of the transport sector have already made their preferences.
Today, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan truck with gündexnumx 20-10 thousand dollars to transport goods, Trabzon via 15-4 5-5 thousand dollars a day can be delivered.
These figures are enough to lure a logistic center will be established to Trabzon .. missed Trabzon and the region as a moment before it, and we express the fact that the implementation work so persistently ..
This is the only reason why we call upon our insistence, to those who don't support, ısı don't be bare. Biz

Source: 61Haber

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