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Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, metrobus fish in the morning, he could not answer the question about the images.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, became the first president to announce his wish to become a candidate again in 2013 before local elections.
He explained that Istanbul's transportation problem will be largely resolved in 2016. He emphasized that although the metro is made by governments and related ministries in many cities of the world, the metropolitan municipality has made the metro in Istanbul and they are the municipality that invested the most in metro.
Topbas, İkitelli-Bağcılar-Basaksehir metro line is completed on a large scale, the test drive continues, the stations will be opened after the removal of minor shortcomings, he said.
He stated that there is a subway line work towards the Kayabaşı District and the city to be established, and that they focused on adding an arm from Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt to this subway line.
He explained that the tender was held on the Ümraniye-Üsküdar metro line with a time limit of 38 months. Politics in Ankara did not pass in the heart of Topbaş, who demanded his mastership period in Istanbul.
Explaining that he will run again in local elections, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbaş, said ambitiously: With the master plan we completed his studies, 2016 will be a date for us in the transportation for our people.
* Can you give a date for the days when those living in Istanbul will not grapple with the transportation problem?
We have finished the transportation master plans. Within the framework of these master plans, we determined the future of rail systems, subway, sea transportation, and rubber wheel systems. We envisioned a 641 km metro and rail system network in Istanbul. When we complete this, there will be a period in Istanbul where the main focus of transportation is metro and rail systems.
2016 is a year in which people in the city will be comfortable for us. Many of our lines will be finished, our buses will be completed, minibus systems will be changed much more. Taxis will also become more regular and controlled. Transportation in the city will be seriously relieved. We won't be talking too much anymore.
* Since Özal, no new road has been built to Istanbul, will new roads be built in Istanbul according to your plans?
By road, if the road used by rubber wheels is meant, there are roads built by the Ministry of Transport with the instruction of our Prime Minister. Some tenders were made, especially for the third bridge and ring roads. We built intersections and underpasses that would untie the knots, especially in urban areas where traffic was knotted.
* Can increase the number of vehicles at the same speed as road, intersection, bridge, underpass are able to do?
When we took office 2 million 50 in the number of vehicles, now at the 2 million 950 thousand passed.
When the economic indicators start to improve, the speed of people living in the city to acquire vehicles also increases. In Istanbul, 226 people have cars per thousand people, while 450 people out of a thousand have cars in Europe. So we are still below that standard. We develop maritime transportation and integrate the systems together so that Istanbulites prefer public transportation rather than their own vehicle to go from one place to another. Although the population has increased and the number of vehicles has reached 3 million, traffic in Istanbul is now more comfortable than in the past. There is trouble, but there is more comfortable traffic. Their stay in traffic has decreased.
* You recommend public transportation, but have you ever gone from Yeni Bosna to Zincirlikuyu by metrobus at 7.30 in the morning?
The 350-400 about the Metrobus was about a thousand passengers demand, but now the 800 is now in the bin. People started to choose a lot. 90 per day towed over a thousand vehicles. If you are working there for a new subway line, you will essentially subway the solution after that. In the 2 year, we will get new buses around the 3 thousand. We won't talk about these problems as their numbers grow. Today we know it's a nuisance, but we'll be relieved.
* At one point, the proposal of single-double plate was discussed, is there such a thing on your agenda?
No, we are not talking about the single-double plate application anymore. During the Sözen period, it was always talked about "Let's make a single-double license plate", then there were around 800 thousand vehicles. There are 3 million vehicles today, but we are not talking about "let's make a single-double license plate". We also have no such intention. So there is a good trend.
* It is always discussed to collect taxes from those who come to Istanbul, do you have such a method in mind?
It may be asked why those who come to Istanbul come to Istanbul, not tax. Businessman or student? This was also in the Ottoman Empire in the past, it is also in some world cities. There may be such an arrangement. Due to the development of other cities in Anatolia and the construction of universities in all cities, there is no more immigration as before.
* Do you have a project to build a double-storey road on the E-5 between Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar-Beylikdüzü?
No. A lane can pass a maximum of a thousand 200 cars per hour. No matter how many lanes are made, there is no way to solve the transportation problem. It is not very accurate to pass through the city centers, the transit networks that pass through the city centers. Instead, it is necessary to ensure that people come to the city centers as much as possible by public transport.
* Roads, bridges, intersections like all cities.
We are doing a study now. We remove the viaduct, which seriously affects the Aksaray Valide Mosque, which was built in Aksaray, and we remove the viaduct in front of İSKİ. There are two viaducts in Aksaray, we are removing both of them, we are doing this in order to regain the square. Viaducts are not preferred anymore, they disrupt the texture, structure and perception of the city. For example, the viaduct in Mecidiyeköy might have been more accurate if it had been a different solution, but it has now become impossible to remove it.
* When will Marmaray end?
Marmaray was targeted to end on 29 October 2013, but we want it to be brought forward. Marmaray will have a very important carrying capacity in the city on the East-West axis. It will carry 150 thousand passengers per hour. It will provide an important service on the East-West axis in urban transportation.


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