Prime Minister Erdogan is planning to build a cable car to Handuzu Plateau of Baba Ocagi Guneysu

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's father's quarry in Güneysu, nature tourism has been accelerated to take an important place.

In the past months, the work of the Urban Forest, which was started in the Kıbledağı area of ​​Güneysu, continued and preparations for the nature forest and the ropeway project, which were planned to be carried out in Handüzü Plateau, were initiated. Güneysu Mayor Ahmet Minder, Nature Conservation and National Parks 12. Regional Manager Mustafa Bulut, National Parks Regional Branch Manager Ayşenur Yaşar Şavşatlı, Rize Provincial Branch Director Cüneyt Aloğlu and Nature Conservation and National Parks 12 Regional Directorate Engineers Ramazan Çayıroğlu made observations in Kıbledağı City Forest and Handüzü Plateau.

Nature Conservation and National Parks 12, stating that there is a very beautiful and unspoiled natural environment in this region. Regional Manager Mustafa Bulut kan We thought that from the Kıbledağı to Handüzü Plateau you can reach the cable car. After the investigations we conducted at Handüzü Plateau, we found that this place was suitable for the construction of yaşam Natural Park iat.

Güneysu Mayor Ahmet Minder who stated that Güneysu has made a big development especially in terms of touristic aspects. Eden Kent Forest which was started to be built in Kıbledağı recently attracted visitors from not only Rize but also all over the country. Our common opinion is that we will have a unique natural environment with the Nature Park, where we plan to build the Kizildag City Forest from the south of the city and the Handüzü Plateau from there. Od

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