The excavation work of the sub-station continues in the Antakya cable car project

Historical artifacts were found during the excavation. to city tourism by the Municipality of Antakya kazanThe excavation works of the lower station continue in the cable car project, which is under construction between İplik Pazarı and Habib-i Neccar Mountain, to be carried out. An application will be made to the High Council of Monuments for historical structures found during excavations in the region, and the works will be carried out in coordination.
Within the framework of sub-station work at Iplik Pazarı, which is the area where the lift will be built, 5 teams, which have solved the expropriation problem of the houses in the place where the separate foot will be installed and which start the excavation works rapidly in the region, with the completion of the works carried out on the ground in cooperation with the High Council of Monuments and the Directorate of the Museum. , cable cars and cabins will be installed in the work.
It is reported that the cable car line will be approximately 1150 meters long and that the 1200 person will be transported per hour.

Source: Antakya Newspaper

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