Tekirdag Derince Wagon Ro-Ro Train Ferries Started

📩 12/03/2023 11:42

Ro-Ro Train Ferry services started between Tekirdağ Port and Derince Port. With this train connection service between Tekirdağ port and Derince port, which is the European connection of the railway between Tekirdağ Muratlı, transportation from Europe to Anatolia will be possible.

ERDENİZ Ro-Ro, which started to work between Tekirdağ port and the port of Derince, which is the European connection of Tekirdağ-Muratlı railway, today is loaded with military material and bonded materials.

It is seen that the train lines that started to work between Tekirdağ Derince and the transportation sector and the general directorate of TCDD will contribute greatly. Expeditions to be made between Europe and Anatolia to the port of Tekirdag Derince, the authorities will work regularly thereafter announced.

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