TCDD's incredible success

We are in Berlin for the “Innotrans” fair that brings together railway industrialists and operators around the world every two years. All industrialists related to railways in the world opened a stand here. Everything from the locomotive to the commuter train, from the high-speed train to the rail and safety systems, everything is on display at the fair.

Süleyman Karaman, General Director of TCDD, decided to attend the fair with a crowded team this year. The railway industry aimed at improving the manners and knowledge of all kinds of innovations about technology and operation. This is a very reasonable approach. Unfortunately, it's far ahead of us in European railways. It is not easy to close these large scissors between us.

Turkey has made in the last decade more than 80 years of business in this area. It moved incredibly fast. Despite this speed and this success story, there is still a long distance between us and Europe. But I saw both the General Manager and his team very excited and determined. If they continue at this pace, if they can do what they planned, we will really be in the top 2023 in the world in 10. The railroads have declared a mobilization and they are working like a bee. They travel all over the world, including fairs. They follow all developments and innovations in this field very closely. At the official opening ceremony of the fair, we saw that the General Manager was in good relations with the general managers of the railways of many developed countries. Following the official opening of the fair

We visited the stands opened by Turkish companies. DDY also opened a booth this year for the first time. Its goal is to assist Turkish companies. Opening the DDY stand, General Manager Karaman said, "As industrialists, examine all the innovations and developments you see here, take note, I want a report from all of you on your return". We visited the booths of many Turkish companies that produce parts for railways and security systems for trains. A company has produced the most popular commuter train of the fair. They made a great design. They named it "Silkworm". I can say the best and quality commuter train at the fair. We liked it very much, we were proud. This design must sells out.

On the other hand, we saw the locomotive produced by Tülomsaş, another company of which DDY is also a partner. It is a proud achievement to exhibit this quality locomotive in Germany, the homeland of the locomotive, and to be able to sell this locomotive to England to Germany. I congratulate those who contributed. The locomotive is the best of its kind. Those who know this job said "This is the surprise of the fair" for this locomotive. Produced with the cooperation of Tülomsaş-General Elektrik, this locomotive is the result of the labor of Turkish engineers and workers. Thanks to domestic projects, railway sub-industry and related employment are created in our country. By cooperating with General Elektrik, a world-renowned company, it has been possible to open up to world markets. By the end of 2015, they planned to produce 50 locomotives. Turkey also hope this will be an exporter of locomotive production through the country.

The distance covered by railways in the last ten years has also mobilized domestic industry. In addition, the FDI management has laid the groundwork for the development of the railway industry in our country by setting a 51 percent domestic share requirement in goods and equipment purchases. For example, a Turkish company taking the side of a foreign company wishing to sell cars to the railways is directed to the production of cars in Turkey. This preference both reduces the current account deficit and prepares the ground for the strengthening of the domestic railway industry. That's all we will convey from the fair for now ...

Source: Turkey

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