TCDD wants to be worn by third page rumors

Kazim Baba, father of Bektashi, poet.
At the time, on the days when the railroad had just arrived, the man who was the Director of the British Company Şimendifer was caught by Kazım Baba.
“Your rice, Hacı Bektaş Veli had run the wall. Look, we run the iron, too. ”
"Come on from there," said Kazım Baba: "The caliphs of our Pir, who carried it, the grandfather with the fire father ..."
TCDD, which is a company with continuity, with a corporate identity and a one-and-a-half centuries-old roots, means to wear away the perception of the warm and friendly train in the citizens.
We do not think that our people will give such discussions.
It was the period when the trains were very popular. The first years of the Republic ... The third place of the citizen ... No matter how long you travel, if you run the train, even if the villagers have money, I would not say that I want to go to the first position. If he is bearded, his clothing is not in place, the third class ... Despite all this, the perception of the railway in his mind was so native that the train was like one of the family.
In fact, this attitude was not quite the same as that of the Turkish railways, which did not operate the Turkish railway. Even when the dormitory was woven with iron nets, a colonial approach was made with a maniac who looked down at the citizen and aimed to make him man.
The Ottoman period is always known for the construction of railway concession companies.
There is not much talk about the construction legend of Hicaz Railway, which has no other example in the world. Even though those lines are outside of the national borders, that legend continues to exist as a map of our hearts.
It doesn't start with the Republic as if everything is cut with a knife. Previously, he has a preparator. Rail policy begins in 1920, just under the TGNA Government. Making the decision for the construction of the lines that were opened until 1933 between 1920-1923.
Turkey, which is one of the most established organizations TCDD to imprison Republic in the last decade how much is wrong to confine the first decade of the so wrong ... the railroad of the Kemalist pen olumlark the first 10 years of criticizing the last decade another "bird" to recognize the more than preposterous You are welcome.
However, what TCDD says, was given importance to me between 1923-1950. I was neglected between 1950-2003. In 2003, I was again treated as a state policy. Rather than a categorical definition, it is an economic and sociological definition… TCDD does not distinguish its history as Atatürk period, Celal Bayar period, Demirel period; He says, I lay the rail and take care of my work.
The rest is story…

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