Completely started work for the production of domestic High Speed ​​Train

Before the dream of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan's 100 domestic car, he began the work for the production of completely domestic High Speed ​​Train (YHT).
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, 2023 annually 10 annually in the process of all parts of the domestic train set announced that they aim to create.
Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan before the 100 percent of the domestic automobile dream, a purely domestic High Speed ​​Train (YHT) was putting plaster to produce. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, 2023 annually 10 annually in the process of all parts of the domestic train set announced that they aim to create. In the 2009, TCDD entered the first 8 in the world at the High Speed ​​Train and said that it is planning to enter the first 10 in the railway industry.
5 a footed move
Karaman told Hürriyet: aktan As a result of the government's approach to railway construction as a state policy, a railway movement strategy consisting of five pillars was developed. Renewal of existing roads, creation of high-speed train core network, implementation of Ipek Railway, establishment of Logistics Centers and the connection of simultaneous production centers to railway are also considered as strategic targets. The domestic railway industry has a strategic importance besides its external dependence and its contribution to the development of the country. continuum inherently countries that are advanced in this field, for a share of the world market cutthroat yarışıyor.türki, Far Asia, Europe and investigating the railway industry experience, based in North America have taken many steps for their domestic railway industry.
Super League play
In the 2007 started production Adapazari Express Train and Metro Tools Factory in Turkey to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings Karaman stating that allow "Turkey in the production of train sets that require advanced technology with these factories in Japan, Korea, China, Spain, Receiving, France and Italy is playing in super league. We also saved TCDD from paying foreign currency to the former Soviet Union countries. Behiç Erkin's, Nuri Demirağ'ların thousand thousand with trouble, since then the renewal of the rail was renewed us with the local ray was, he said.
Train wheel production begins
KIRIKKALE MKE strategic cooperation with leading to navigating the train wheels and wheel blocks are reminded that they started to work for the production in Turkey, Karaman, "Germany, Czech Republic, China, Ukraine, Italy and Spain's monopoly formed by the train wheels will be produced now in our country," he said. Karaman stated that TCDD needs about 2023 billion dollars of railway industry products, along with new ways of construction and ongoing construction until 25. For this purpose, we developed the National Signal Project with the cooperation of TCDD-TÜBİTAK-ITU and we proceeded to pilot implementation phase. We have to establish the rail, the sleeper, the train, the signal, the local railway. We will fulfill this goal until 2023.

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