Traffic Arrangement on Darmstad Street Due to T1 Tramway Work

Sculpture-Garage T1 tram line works will start in Bursa on Friday, September 14th (tomorrow) on Darmstad Street. During the works, the two-way traffic application on the street was organized as one-way.
Sculpture - Garage T1 tram line projects, designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to bring the city center together with comfortable transportation, will continue on Darmstad Street from tomorrow. Within the scope of the works to be carried out in the 400 meter section between İpekiş Junction on Darmstad Street and the signaling junction on Çarşamba (Spring Spring), a new arrangement was made in the traffic flow on the street. During the works, two-way traffic on Darmstad Street will be canceled, going from Stadium direction to Stadium Street direction will be open to traffic on one way, parking lots will be canceled by road parking.
A road banning of Darmstad Street will be arranged from Bursalı Tahir Street - Anadolu Sokak route which is used as the stadium landing route. Merinos Junction next to UEDAS Uysal Street entrance will be entered by placing the sign, traffic will be directed to the direction of Cyprus Martyrs Street and the City Square.
For the prevention of traffic congestion, vehicles from Çekirge Street will be allowed to make a U-turn back from the Stadium signalize junction.

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