Some bus and minibus routes will change due to the construction of tram extension lines in Eskişehir.

Due to the construction work of the Metropolitan Municipality Tram Extension Lines, temporary changes were made to the bus and minibus routes that make public transportation to Çamlıca-Batıkent and Emek-71 Evler regions.
In the statement made by the metropolitan municipality, red 16, black 16, blue 17, 38, 77, black 15, blue 25, black 25, 43, 48 buses and black and red 16 with 7, 15, 25, 44 and 57 bus routes temporarily reported to be different.
The amendments were made within the context of the construction work of the Metropolitan Municipality Tramway Extension Lines, and the following statements were made:
“According to the temporary changes made on public bus and minibus routes, the red bus number 16 will continue on the routes from Ertuğrulgazi Caddesi-Birlik Caddesi-National Sovereignty Boulevard-Okumuşlar Sokak-Cihangülü Sokak and Dayıbey Sokak. Black bus number 16 will continue its routes from Ertuğrulgazi Street-Birlik Street-National Sovereignty Boulevard-Okumuşlar Street-Cihangülü Street-Şendere Street-Sümerler Street. The blue bus number 17 was removed from the blue route because Birlik Caddesi was closed to traffic. Bus line 17 will continue on the route from Karagözler road-Tombakzade Street-Gündüz Ökçün Street. Bus line 38 will continue its route using the way of General Kıvrıkoğlu Street-Tombakzade Street-Karagözler.
The black and red number 16 minibus lines will turn from Dayı Bey Sokak to Cihangülü Street and follow the National Sovereignty Boulevard and go to the traffic-free part of Birlik Street. Black number 15 bus line will continue its normal route from State Hospital-Ali Rıza Efendi Street-Yıldırım Street-Ziya Gökalp Street. Blue 25, black 25, 43 bus lines, Violet Rose Street-Caucasian Street-History Boulevard-Atasoylu Street-Dilek Street-Mehmetçik Street-Öztürk Street-Ziya Gökalp Street-2. Arabacılar Street will continue its normal route from Yıldırım Street. Bus line 48 black, Yanartaş Street-Dilek Street-Mehmetçik Street-Öztürk Street-Ziya Gökap Street-2. It will continue its normal route from Arabacılar Caddesi. 7, 15, 25, 44, 57 numbered minibus lines will use the Sevinç Avenue-Yıldırım Avenue-Arabacılar Boulevard routes. ”

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 13:58

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