History of signaling systems

When the railway first developed,
is considered a fast means of transportation and the accident etc.
take any measures for problems
It loomed. Number of lines and intersections were few and train
A string of tools
was. Also because the speed of the trains is very low
it was easier to control. Pathway across the road
and that there was no train ahead.
But from time to time accidents and problems
give a hand or flag
pointer attendants can be put on the line and this
In this way, train companies are tried to be made.
However, train speed and weights and also
increasing the number of vehicles / wagons to which trains are connected,
trainers within sight distance of trains
stopping or moving safely
started to be a problem. Therefore, it is dangerous
need to repeat signs before regions
born. But the signs or pennants
cannot be seen from the distance restricted train movements
and the need to increase the pointers.
In terms of speed, safety and economy in 1840s
The time interval method has been implemented.
According to this, certain intervals were determined for trains and
to reach the points of encounter during this period
was instructed. But in this method of trains
or other trains traveling in the same direction
was not.
This lack of time instead of the time interval method
distance interval method. In this method
railway line divided into sections ie blocks
created and one mark per block
It is included. Through these signs mechanics
the blocks they are entering are occupied
they knew it wasn't.
Application of distance spacing
led to the discovery of signals. With the discovery of telegraph
the ringing and telegraph together and used together
The status of the blocks to the next station
reported the movements of the trains.
The previous signal operator from the next station
and the officer has given way to the commissioning
then the permitting officer at his station
signal circuit.
Distance between trains in specific amounts
signal system with 1900
In the years, Control operators hand by
controlled block system, controlled manually operated block
system, semi-automatic block system, automatic block
system, mechanical block system
continued to develop.
signaling the first application in Turkey Sirkeci-
Halkalı with the establishment of suburban line in 1955
and in 1968 Haydarpasa - Ankara
line signaling. Water
9000-20 out of the outlines that are around 25 km
is signaled.
Today, signaling systems
very advanced, trains automatically to mechanics
it can even drive without need.
The signaling system is basically 2
It occurs.
1-Field Equipments: Rail circuits, Automatic
By train
Communication equipment (Bikin, inductive lop,
leaky cable etc.)
2- Centralized software and interlocking

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