KadıköySilence prevails in the Eagle line

Costing 3.1 billion TL as the largest metro investment in the history of the Republic, Kadıköy-Kartal metro is waiting for citizens on the 19th day of its opening.
Kadıköy-It is possible to find a place to sit for 32 km, 22 stations and even at the intensity of going to work in the morning, which reduces the eagle to 16 minutes. Click here when you compare it to the European side subways. Kadıköy- There is a quiet calmness on the Eagle line. It is possible to come across the young woman who wears makeup due to the comfort provided by the space in the wagons, who reads her book and newspaper comfortably and sleeps throughout the journey. Citizens agree that the subway is clean, beautiful and fast. However, the biggest problem that the passengers we talked about is having difficulties in reaching the metro stations.
The biggest problem is not to reach the stops
The general wish of the citizen is to provide a ring, bus or minibus service to reach the subway. Because there is no vehicle to reach the subway serving in parallel with Ankara asphalt, both from the top of E-5 and from the beach. Another complaint is that the stops between Maltepe and Kozyatağı are long. Another important request for the subway is the extension of the line to Pendik and Tuzla where the business centers are concentrated on the Anatolian side. Within the scope of the project, the line where 700 thousand passengers are planned to travel per day is currently using approximately 100 thousand people per day. Authorities say that the number of passengers will reach the target level with the opening of schools and regulation of public transportation.
“We went to Çapa from Maltepe at 1.5 hour”
The service of the metron integrated with the metrobus in Uzunçayır greatly relieved the transition from Anatolia to the European side. We talked to Rıdvan and Yıldız Aydın, who said Malt We went to Maltepe in 1.5 hour by using metro and metrobus to visit our patient in Çapa. Now we leave our car at home and relax. Because it's hard to drive in this traffic. Çünkü According to citizens, another advantage of the subway is that Istanbul connects the regions close to Izmit.

Source: Istanbul Fact

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