Why is it so good for Sefa?

It is among the duties of the municipalities to modernize a city as much as possible and to ensure that people living in that city can live their lives in a comfortable way.
In my article published last week, I shared with you the numbers of rail systems in some cities of the world and the rail system in our city.
At the end of my writing, I stated that public transport is one of the indispensable criteria for modernization of a city and I have no doubt that Bursa will be a city that can be reached by rail in every corner of the city.
The metropolitan municipality, which has turned our city into a construction site in recent years for the rail system, makes these works for the residents of the city to live a comfortable life in the future. We agree.
But there's something overlooked.
Why, in the future, why do we take more than we should be able to take?
The municipality's newest and most popular project is a good example.
Between the garage and the central garage, the 6,5 tram line, which will serve with the 13 station on a single line with a total length of 1, was built at a ceremony on August.
22 on Stadium Street, where traffic is relatively quiet, is quite thought-provoking even though the 1 month has already passed over the 400 month of construction, even though only a fraction of the XNUMX mt has not finished.
If the construction time of the whole line is going to be at this speed, it is obvious that the trades in this area will be affected negatively by the traffic when it comes to Altıparmak, Heykel and İnönü streets.
Construction of the world's slowest-running trolley line to ease the traffic, but the progress of entering the Guinness Book of the T1 construction, if this goes at the pace of the 17 month after the best ends.
Considering that in the coming days and months the weather will get colder and rainfall will start, it is a fact that the construction of the tram line will be affected by the weather conditions and as a result the construction will stop from time to time.
Wouldn't it be nice if the work was finished in working hours and continued at night, when the weather was good?

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