Sakarya Rail System Line Will Go to Yenikent

📩 26/02/2023 21:32

Deputy General Secretary Fatih Turan, who spoke at a press conference in Transportation Department about the completed, sustained and planned works in the area of ​​transportation by the Metropolitan Municipality, said, çalış Our work on Transportation Master Plan continues at full speed. We are working with great effort to prepare the transportation of the city for the future and to make public transportation in the city without making concession of service quality. Şehr

Fatih Turan, Assistant Secretary General, said: şehr We are working hard to prepare the city's transportation for the future with serious labor and to make the city public transportation a culture without sacrificing the quality of the service. . Protocol was signed with TCDD to operate the Arifiye-Gar railway system. A route study was carried out between Istanbul and Yenikent-Kent Center. SUAP will offer the system to be installed here. The vehicles to be used in the rail system consist of modern sets, which are defined as the 54 thousand, in which TCDD performs suburban flights in Istanbul. Services such as security, security and public relations will be covered by our Metropolitan Municipality. The train sets will be air conditioned, fit for the disabled, will be able to ride on bicycles and will be valid in Kart23 train sets. Tren

Transferring the last point reached to the press members in the transportation fleet, Turan said,, The fleet has been renewed by taking 60 units with low base, environment friendly, air-conditioned vehicles and our total capacity has been increased. The bus fleet age has been reduced from 15 to 3. Electronic Toll Collection System was introduced. Currently, all municipalities belonging to our municipality and the 283 Private Public Bus are equipped with EÜTS. All Private Public Buses will be included in the system by the end of this year. According to the 2008 year, although the number of buses served is the same; Kul the number of daily trips carried ”from 9.000 to 20.000, the number of daily trips, from 620 to 780, from N 14.730 to 17.200,, UM made daily.”

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