Russia's Exhibition train reaches its APEC 2012 summit in Vladivastok

📩 25/11/2018 13:39

The new high-speed train produced by the Russian Railways (RZD) arrived in Vladivastok on Saturday. The train departed from Moscow a month ago. The latest technologies developed by domestic and foreign companies can be seen in this wheeled exhibition area, which has reached the APEC 2012 summit.
The train stopped in large cities and conveyed information to local people and experts about the history of RJD, its new work.
Speaking to the IUD Novosti, the representative of the Far East ”Tren stopped in the ten major Far Eastern cities: Khabarovsk, Komsomol-na-Amur, Sovertskaya Gavana, Birobican. Vladivastok is the last stop of the train in the Far East. Those who attend the APEC 1 summit that will take place between 9-2012 September will be able to visit this wheeled exhibition complex. ”
Among the exhibits on the train are models of the new passenger wagons of RJD, models of freight wagons in the design phase, new locomotives, high-speed trains "Sapsan" and two-storey train "Allegro". Visitors to the exhibition will be able to find detailed information about the history of the Russian Railways and the new projects it has carried out, as well as ongoing railway construction and development.
"One of the wagons was produced with nanotechnology," said the representative. It is regarded as the best project in the interactive exhibition of 'Rosnano. In addition, batteries with batteries that can produce their own energy by using solar energy are also on display. ”
The train will return to Moscow by following the same path after the APEC 2012 summit has ended.

Source: Russian voice

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