RAYTEST Rail Train Training

Meet the need of qualified and certified staff in railway industry and railway
TCDD 'in order to carry out examinations and personnel certification activities
yi Development and Solidarity and Solidarity Foundation of TCDD Personnel (TCDD Foundation), Rail
Association of Transportation Systems and Industrialists (RAYDER) and Railway Transportation Association
(DTD) by RAYTEST, founded in Ankara on 02-Mart-2012, first training
07-08 September leştiril Railway Transportation Freedom and its Effects-program
2012 started in TCDD Training and Listening Facilities in Istanbul.
TCDD Deputy General Director Jesus at the inauguration ceremony prior to the beginning of the training
Apaydın, TCDD Education Department Head Murat Şeneken, TCDD 1 Deputy Director
Nihat Arslan, General Director of TCDD Foundation Yavuz Kıran, DTD Chairman
İbrahim Öz, Logistics and Transportation Sector managers and members of the media
She participated.
Yavuz Kıran, the General Manager of TCDD Foundation at the opening of the training,
Ve Nowadays, all product and service producing sectors
services in our lives to be reliable, qualified in their profession and
The need for authorized personnel is increasing rapidly.
Liği Personnel Certification with international recognition of employee / employee personnel
It is important that they be certified by their organizations.
Until the end of this year, the law on the liberalization of rail transport
When we take into consideration that it will come from public and private companies accredited RAYTEST
will need certified human resources.
RAYTEST is the stand of every profession related to the railway sector in the coming period.
important tasks in the determination, training and certification of
we will do.
To provide the Turkish railway sector with quality and certified human resources and
we will make significant contributions to increase efficiency and competitiveness.
The purpose of this company is; Special education, certification, consulting, research, testing and laboratory
services will be do.
Turkey will be a very important contribution to the development of the railway transport sector RAYTEST,
railway sector "Personnel Certification Body" for Turkey to Accreditation
He applied to his institution. It will soon become an accredited organization.
I advise the participants to listen carefully. Because today and after that
all formal and informal trainings to be taken, become a necessity to make a profession in the future
will make important contributions to the tests and exams to be taken in the future accredited certification.
With this occasion, all the trainings that will be started today and will continue
I wish it would. getir
RAYTEST Quality System Manager Ebru Köse, how the personnel certification system
to give information about the work.
Training, Logistics and Transportation Sector
61 people and employees.
RAYTEST's trainer as a trainer, TCDD Board Member and General
assistant director İsa Apaydın, TCDD Board Member and Deputy General Manager
Veysi Kurt, President of TCDD Load Department İbrahim Çelik, TCDD Research Planning and
Coordination Department President Mehmet Turşak, Association of Rail Transport General
Yaşar Rota, the director of the railway sector
and related subjects.
RAYTEST's trainings on technical and operational issues on railway
you will.

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    1. A good start.Hem organization element will be trained and certified, and will have received the international authorization certificate. and whether they are certified or not. The aim of the training is to reach the purpose of the train fully trained, the job of experts who are responsible for the job.