Rail system and numbers

Last week I saw a banner on billboards.
! What a Happy! We caught the world in the rail system. Ray
After I saw this poster, I wondered about it.
How is the situation in the major cities of the world?
Shanghai was the third city in the People's Republic of China after Beijing and Tianjin with the opening of the metro system in 1995. Today, the 11 metro line, the 277 station and the 434 are the longest metro network in the world.
The London metro, known as 1863, is known as the world's oldest underground transportation system and also carries the title of the first line of electric trains in the world. The 400 has a total length of 270 units in London, which has the longest second metro in the world.
The first line 1900 was built in Paris subway, while today the 16 line is available and has a total length of 214 km.
The 182 station, which is considered to be a marvel of art, travels about 9,2 million every day; the length of the Moscow metro, which holds the title of the world's most passenger-carrying subway, is 298 km.
Come to our country. When we look at Istanbul, where the population has the highest population, we see that the rail system has reached 103 km as of this year. It is possible to duplicate samples çoğalt
So how is the situation in Bursa?
The construction of 1998 was started in 2013. Bursaray currently provides 31 stations on 2 line with total length of 31. On the east side of the city, the line will be 8 km long and 7 station.
In other words, when the construction is completed, Bursaray will have a total of 39 km.
Nostalgic Tram, which started its operations in 2011, serves nine stops on a single line of 2,2 km.
When the Sculpture-Garage tram line, which is called as T1 and started construction last month, will be served with 6,5 station on the single line of 13 km length.
After building a simple collection process to find the total length of the rail systems along with those who continue construction in our city, 47,7 is a number like km.
A city cannot modernize unless it cares about public transport. I have no doubt that with the studies carried out, our rail system will spread over the whole city and catch the high transportation standards of modern life.
But instead of using a general expression, at first glance to create a number of question marks in a way that would not, today, some of the major world cities that we can catch the name of this poster would be more pleasant I think it would be.

Source: Burçin KÖKSAL

Bursa Domination

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