High speed train operation divided Mekece village of Pamukova into two

Divided into two
The works carried out within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Project in Mekece Village of Pamukova made the villager miserable. A railroad was passed next to the highway passing right in the middle of the village. Underpasses for the transportation of villagers who were divided by road before were closed within the scope of High Speed ​​Train. The villagers in the other part, who left the village center by road and rail, were surprised at what to do in the face of the situation. Since the train road is not yet operational, a place has been opened for crossing the iron road covered with concrete curtain with a temporary solution. However, this temporary solution invites the disaster with the opening of the schools. Children who go to school in the village center are trying to jump over the highway.
“Nobody is interested in the matter”
Expressing the troubles they experienced, the villagers react to the Governor Tuncay Dursun, stating that Pamukova District Governor was unresponsive to the problem. Speaking on behalf of the villagers, Ercan Ihlamur stated that they conveyed the matter to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. Expressing that the situation experienced in the response received from the Ministry was accepted to affect the Mekece Village and the local people negatively, Ihlamur said that however, the project was not done in this direction since the demand from the district governor or the Governorship did not go.
“We don't want an overpass”
Emphasizing that the underpass is essential for the connection of the village divided into two, Ihlamur said, “Although the highways made an underpass for the transportation of people with double road work, TCDD closed this underpass for the high-speed train and pulled a curtain wall for security precautions. Neither underpass nor overpass was built. Nobody knows how the children of people living in a village on the side of the village will go to school, how people will go to the field, how will the transition of both sides be for their daily needs. There will be an overpass with elevator that is 7 and a half meters high. How will the children and the elderly use this? What if the electricity goes out? ” said.
Peasant worker wants passage
Expressing that the Village Headman tried to accomplish something with his own efforts, but could not afford it, Ihlamur continued as follows: “Due to the railway work, the sewage infrastructure was canceled as well as the drinking water was cut off. Does someone have to die to make an underpass. A bridge was built one and a half kilometers away, but it takes 1 kilometers to go there, does the region's people and children will walk this road every day? We want our underpass to open as it used to be. We will do whatever it takes to make our voice heard in this direction. ”
“We conveyed the issue to the Ministry”
Providing information on the subject, Pamukova District Governor Tuncay Dursun confirmed the situation in Mekece Village and said, “We, as the district governor, received delivery from the village headman to the signatures collected by the local people. We brought our Dear Governor to Mekece on a trip and shared the situation. We had correspondence with the Ministry on this issue. It is stated that the underpass will pose a risk to the High Speed ​​Train and that it is costly. Instead, it was decided to build an overpass with elevator. These are technical issues There is nothing we can do after the Ministry decides. We, as district governorship, do not have to intervene in the project. We do our part and convey the discomfort of the people of the region. ” he spoke.

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