Prime Minister Erdoğandan Kılıçdaroğluna Metro Criticism

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu for his words about the rail system in Izmir, saying, dar Mr. President, find out what the subway is. The light metro is what you tell about Izmir. Senin
Prime Minister Erdogan, Çayırbaşı Tunnel intersection and roads attended the opening ceremony. The Prime Minister, as well as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, spoke at the opening ceremony of the road. Erdogan told about the investments in Istanbul. Erdogan, who complained about the difficulties he faced during the construction of the subway, said: 'Our problem was to remove the subway from Taksim from the campus of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). We want to create a triage area and to maintain the wagons. Because there was a huge area of ​​ISKI. Unfortunately the university administration of that time survived the ditch made me believe me and it didn't make us do it. That was a must. We had to build a ground under the ground under the mandatory industrial neighborhood and cost us 250 million TL. We're dealing with this kind of thing. If we are not in solidarity with each other, we will be in solidarity with the institutions and children of this country. Bu
Erdoğan said that the 1 hour can be reached in 5 minutes with the Çayırbaşı tunnel where they opened and said: ün It is necessary to make a good calculation. Everything from the deterioration of the vehicles to the time that people lost on the road, the stress of fuel. 2 moon bridges in the maintenance of the step was taken about the maintenance of written and visual media breaks you know you know. While they need to make the society morale, they are trying to demoralize with the opposing forces. These bridges will not be maintained. If these treatments are not done, then you will tell what will happen with a disaster. Then you will play the tin and play. Summer is the best season for this. Why the school is off season. I hope this handles the school with many handles. From the 17 of the month, we remove the KGS on the bridges and switch to a completely fast transition system. It's not gonna stop at the toll booths anymore. 3. From the moment we finished the bridge, we will be more comfortable. Remove heavy vehicles from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) and 3. we are shipped to the bridge. There will now be crossings of vehicles for the FSM and the first bridge city. Now Marmaray will start and he will come into service. A year later, 2015 will be switching the tube for cars Bir. CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu'na also put in his speech, the Prime Minister, yüklenen the main opposition from time to time says some fools. They refer to Izmir as a model for the low cost of metro. Mr. President learn what it is to light subway what is subway before the subway. What you say about Izmir is not a subway, but a subway. Tell them that there are MPs trying to calculate the cost of this work is not done so. Izmir has not been able to make these transportation systems; I have given our ministry of transport the Ministry of Transport for the rail systems there and the services were carried out together. It's a light subway, metro, eler he said.
Prime Minister Erdogan, explaining that the government has implemented multi-faceted and big projects resolutely for the solution of Istanbul's transportation problem, "Here is the new metro tram and metrobus. It is the first time that our Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the metrobus event. Why metrobus. Because it will take time if we enter the subway event. Metrobus was the transportation system that ended very quickly and took an important load for us. From time to time, there is a minor accident or a stop. The following day, visual media begins to shoot. It happens, brother. We started a different period in public transportation and we continue these works rapidly. Last month Kadıköy We put the eagle subway into service. I recommend it to the main opposition leader. Kadıköycome to Kadıköy - If he travels to Kartal, he will be accurate. At least he sees the subway. It is important in terms of seeing what a luxury transportation is there. We are not looking here because the opposition has a municipality. I have people here, I have people, so we produce service politics. ”
Turkey's 10 years by the distance describing Prime Minister Erdogan continued his speech as follows:
Am We wouldn't stop here for a minute, let's prove it if we went back today. But in this country we will sincerely negotiate all facts from education, health, justice, transportation, energy. We're not going to do this politics. We have produced politics of service, not ideological politics. This business is not ideology. We have come to be a servant, not a master, to our nation. Now, Turkey is a country that look with envy to European economic stability. Today the opinion taken into account in all development in Turkey has become a country asked. "
Prime Minister Erdogan 17 pointed out that the schools will start in September. Yer During the summer months, the problems experienced in various places, especially FSM, ended up to a great extent. Therefore, I wish my people to forgive us again. I apologize if you need an apology. But I also think it is important to remind them of the necessity to do so. All kinds of measures were taken and completed until the opening day of the school. Those living in Istanbul have the burdens of our work to improve the quality of life. We will endure them in the coming year, let's spend peace and peace ki said.

Source: News Yurdum



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