Mayor Topbaş promised to take the subway to Silivri

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said they promised to take the metro to Silivri.
Stating that the third airport to be built in Istanbul knows where it will be built and will have a capacity of 100-150 million passengers, Topbaş said that the subway will be taken to the new airport.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Topbaş, who attended the 'World Urban Forum' in Naples, Italy, answered the questions of the press members in front of the Atatürk Airport VIP Hall on his return home. Emphasizing that the arrangement regarding the preferential road was made at certain times on Fatih Millet Avenue and Bahçelievler Mahmutbey Avenue, Topbaş noted that taxis also benefit from this application and that Istanbul will be pleased with this innovation.
Stating that the price hike for transportation has not been made for 14 months, Topbaş said: “An arrangement that takes inflation into account has been made. This practice was made in order to deter the coin, so as not to waste time. Since the coin application is useless in the world, difficult decisions are always made. In other applications, you touch and pass. Maybe it will be possible to pass without touching. Why is OGS more active and KGS slower on highways and bridges? We decided to avoid spending time. ”
In the coming days is expected to enter into force 'Installing the winter snow tires mandatory from speaking about Topbas, he said: "How does winter and summer footwear navigated in Turkey, we see insistence on snow tires. Normally, when changing tires every two years, if a snow tire is fitted, the tires change every 4 years. Nothing has changed. We have seen the benefit of this in Istanbul. We saw the obstructive situations of those without snow tires in traffic. The Prime Ministry High Planning Council took a decision. When this regulation will be implemented across Turkey. Just like drivers should put antifreeze on their vehicles in the winter, something like this should happen. Because the cessation of life in Istanbul in one day will seriously disturb the Turkish economy. ”
Explaining that they promised to take the subway to Silivri, Topbaş said, “The existing rail systems can rust or go there. There is a study about it. We want you to sit in your house in Istanbul and get on your subway, tram, bus. Don't have to ride his individual vehicle. Just use your private vehicle for pleasure. ” He spoke in the form.
Pointing out that the third airport will know the area of ​​the Topbas, the new port of the 100-150 million passengers will come to the port in the coming year was thought to go, although the tender will be done soon, parallel to the port said that the metro will be done. Topbas airport construction will be completed before the end of the construction and the system will solve together, he said.
Noting that the cruise ships are constantly bringing tourists to and from Naples, Topbaş said, “Istanbul has only the Galata dock and 2-5 ships can dock. There are points we have determined. We need to build it as soon as possible. ” used expressions.

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