Cars plunged into a tram stop: One of the Turkish 2 killed people

📩 25/11/2018 14:23

In Germany, the city of Karlsruhe in Baden-Baden in the traffic accident that occurred yesterday at noon, one of the two Turks died one German, 6 people were seriously injured.
A funeral prayer was performed at DİTİB Karlsruhe Central Mosque for Mine Ünal, who died in Kayseri. About 200 people attended the funeral prayer performed by Fatih mosque religious official Ahmet Aslan. Those who attended the funeral could not hold their tears. Mine Ünal's friends and friends who received the news of death flocked to the Central mosque. Those who receive the news of this pain, let God not cause any such pain to anyone, the kitty says death to this, it is very difficult to endure this pain. God prayed for patience.
Mine Ünal was married with two children and had three grandchildren. He was working as a cleaning officer in a school. Mine Önal's death broke Karlsruhe and its surroundings.
Mine Ünal's wife, Mehmet Ünal, said, “Because we and the children are at work, we headed to the furniture store to pay for the new kitchen we bought home. While waiting for the lamps to pass from the tram stop to the furniture store, my wife died under the car and died at the scene. He said that the sad news came to me at the workplace.

Source: FocusHaber

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