Will not continue to lose money

The new pricing system of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality causes most citizens to pay more money. For the BRT, the discount for the 3 stop was previously determined for the next stop at the new tariff.
Istanbulliler who do not know the tariff tariffs, money back from the money in the machine does not take back the money is not paid back.
Those who are knowledgeable are being victimized due to the crowded and inadequate reimbursement devices at the BRT.
1-3 stops 1,45 pounds 1,60 pounds 4 pounds 9 pounds 2,10 pounds 2,40 pounds 10-15 pause 2,50 pound 16-21 2,60 pound 22 27 2,70 pound 28 33 2,80 stops 34 liraya, 39-2,90 stop count is 40 liraya, 2,95 and above stop count is increased to XNUMX lire.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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