Nurettin Atamtürk: ELECTRONIC RECORD DEVICE for rail system vehicles = BLACK BOX (CPM)

KARAKUTU (Event recording device), which is heard by every individual in daily life, but not curious about the details, is known to be used only in aircraft.
Today, recording devices are widely and effectively used in almost all rail systems.
When we look at all railway vehicles today, Haslerrail company, which is the manufacturer of old tachographs and tachographs from 1890, has provided the first and the most comprehensive DOS software, TELOC 1990 devices to our country.
Later, TCDD locomotives have been given a much smaller volume, but multifunctional versions of these electronic devices, and nowadays these devices have become a necessity to be used in Metro vehicles and trams. Because passenger travel, comfort, safety and speed is looking for. Businesses can be successful in the quality service race as long as they meet these needs of the customer.
Multi-functional recording devices not only record speed and distance information, but also control and training of the driver and prevent safety and accidents. In addition to many functions, audio, camera, passenger counting system and GPS records ensure that the driver, passenger and vehicle are continuously monitored. Thanks to them, effective and efficient management of the vehicle fleet is possible.
The data of the mentioned records can be accessed with the PC, USB memory and can be analyzed and evaluated with the WI-FI by using the graphics and tables.
As a result, today's quality and safe transportation is a must for all vehicle data, including maintenance and failure, fuel consumption and savings can be achieved by recording and evaluation.
However, those who are investing heavily in these devices, which are continuously developed according to the increasing needs of today, unfortunately have the risk of losing all data in the event of an accident and fire without the back-up CHAIR BOX = Accident Protection Box (CPM), which is one-tenth of the recorder.
Users who are not aware of this risk have a great responsibility in proving the victim and the victim because they cannot provide healthy information to the court in case of an accident.
Finally, the most important issue in the long-term memory is not archived data again, the management of possible grievances in the future can not save themselves from the insurance company or person compensation.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:23

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