Country looking for its future on the tracks

In the middle of the fair, he showed the locomotive rising like a monument, "This is our work." said. Then he told his story. Of course we don't do it alone.
TÜLOMSAŞ-GE joint production. Electric. GE is an American company that has a say in the world. Its production place is Eskişehir. All materials were obtained from Turkey. It stimulated the local industry. 150 pen work. 50 Turkish companies did business.
This locomotive, which attracts attention with its original design, is a first in Turkish railway history. It was produced to open up to world markets. It was showcased at Europe's largest railway fair in Berlin. Interest is not bad. But just the beginning of the road. We will sell it to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Then the domestic market… I don't think we will wait long to see it on Anatolian roads.
The most advanced railway technologies on display, locomotives, carriages lined up in rows as' Berlin Inno Trans Fair hit Turkey this year although the seal location. Every step possible to find a trace of Turkey. Under the leadership of Süleyman Karaman, TCDD management landed in Berlin with a crowded team.
The interest of the Turkish private sector is also extraordinary. While visiting the fair, I see that there are many Turkish companies doing business worldwide in the railway sector. Ankara-Konya high speed train line is domestic production. They opened a stand right next to the world giants. Man's chest is puffing up. Here is one of them. From Bursa… A subway car. 100 percent native. Its name is silkworm. Its interior and exterior appearance is excellent. There is nothing less and more. His story is interesting.
Berlin in Turkey who feel the best wind TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman. He's been watching this type of fairs for years. "This is the first time I enjoy visiting the fair." said. Trade in large part because about Turkey. Or Turkish companies or firms doing business in the world to Turkey. Karaman said, “I used to be walking around strangely, I didn't know anyone. I'm like at home now. I know most of them. The rest of them also know me. We have a relationship with all of them. " said.
I witnessed that Karaman was the center of attention. He could not comfortably walk around the fairground by waving his hand. It was met with intense interest from companies that wanted to introduce itself at every step.
Of course, fairs are not just for sightseeing. Places where connections are established and pre-agreements are signed. Karaman explained that he took care of the tasks that would last for months in two days. An example? Before agreeing to establish a plant in South Korea abstained train body plant in Turkey. Karaman has a condition: 51 percent will be local.
Turkey is not only in the near future railway industry, the industry also have a say in their account. This is the strategy.
While we caught TCDD General Manager Karaman, we talked about railway investments. Rail system in Turkey as the site location. There is work on many points. Turkey belatedly woken up to the fact that the railway. The fast train is no longer a dream. It is possible to reach Eskişehir and Konya from Ankara in a very short time.
In a year, high-speed train tracks will reach Istanbul. With the opening of the Istanbul-Ankara line, the high-speed train will cease to be a legend, it will become a reality. This has been an election promise since the early '90s. Now the countdown has begun. Karaman said, “The calendar works as predicted. Marmaray will open at the end of 2013. " said. There is no delay at the moment.
Not only intercity lines, but also newly opened lines will be reflected in urban traffic. How Does? Suburban trains are getting metro in Ankara. The activation of the rail system will ease the transportation burden of Başkent.
The rail system is as important as air and highway. Measure of progress. Turkey is now a country with a high-speed train. He's looking for his future on the tracks.

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