Mayors want to be a logistics center for shipyard construction

In the town of Çamburnu in Trabzon, a joint declaration was published by the mayors in order to convert the area filled for the shipyard construction into a logistics center.
A press release was signed by Sürmene Mayor Fikri Usta, Yeniaya Deputy Mayor Şener Şenyer, Çamburnu Mayor Hüseyin Alioğlu, Ormanseven Mayor Necmettin Fabric and Ak Parti Sürmene district President Aydın Bayraktar. The statement included the following views: “The most suitable place for the logistics center planned to be established in Trabzon is the embankment area within Sürmene Çamburnu shipyard area. It is possible to increase the filling area of ​​450 decares to 600 decares with a little additional filling, and to increase this amount further with the addition to the west side of the existing filling. Traffic congestion arises in the execution of these types of logistics centers planned to be built in the city centers, fuel consumption increases, and there are problems in the transportation of the products to the customers. In addition, environmental and social negativities due to pollution and noise arising from vehicles increase, accident rate increases, and problems such as road maintenance expenses and energy consumption emerge. The number of retail workplaces operating in different volumes in the city stands out as the elements that need to be solved in such problems as the absence of urban transportation plans, compression of sea and airports in the city, truck garages in the city, road transportation, production establishments staying in the centers. . For these reasons, the idea of ​​us and the public should be planned in the logistics centers to be established, in areas with low environmental impacts. The Çamburnu Shipyard site, which is ready for this and built by the state by spending large resources, appears to be the most suitable place for the logistics center. This project is a vital project that covers not only Trabzon, but also the Eastern Black Sea region, which will prevent migration and also stimulate the economy of the region. We leave the vicious discussions aside and demand that a decision be made for Çamburnu as soon as possible, and we request that the shipyard, which could not be implemented due to the economic crisis, become operational as a logistics center and that its legal infrastructure should be established and concluded.

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