They will pay the Middle East with iron nets

Due to the increase in transportation sector projects in the Middle East and North Africa countries, it will be reported that over the next three years, more than 250 billion dollars will be transferred to different railway projects.
Although 15 has a surface area of ​​more than one million km, 34 is considered to be one of the regions with the lowest railway density in the world with a thousand km long railway network. The new projects are expected to increase the length of the railway network to 67 thousand km and offer great opportunities for local and foreign companies, from consultancy and design to rail and communication systems.
According to the Dubai-based research and publishing company MEED, the value of railway projects planned or under construction in the region is worth 156 billion dollars. 29 of these projects is being constructed while 12.5 is in the tender stage. The estimated value of railway projects in other countries is as follows: Iran (34 billion dollars), Saudi Arabia (31 billion dollars), Iraq (13 billion dollars), Kuwait (14 billion dollars) Qatar (13 billion dollars) and United Arab Emirates (14) billion dollars).
The value of the railway construction projects to be auctioned in Qatar from the Gulf countries is 8.5 billion dollars. Similarly, Iraq, 2.5 billion dollars and Tunisia, the 2.1 billion-dollar railway project will be recently auctioned. In addition, experts say there have been some obstacles in the transportation projects in the region, such as finance and funding.

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