Metrobus travelers pay attention!

The new pricing system in Metrobus, which started on September 1, causes most of the citizens to pay too much. Passengers getting off the metrobus need to get the money back from the money back machines.
The hikes for public transportation in Istanbul started to be valid from 1 September. Gradual pricing was applied on the metrobus line with the raise schedule. The application, which was previously applied for the first three stops in metrobus, has been expanded in the new period. In the old system, a person who went 3 stops by metrobus was getting some of his money back. Standard price was applied after 3 stops
With the new system the levels of the stops have been increased. 1 pays 3 pounds 1,45 pounds 1,60 pounds 4 pounds 9 pounds 2,10 pounds 2,40 pounds 10-15 pause 2,50 pound 16-21 pause 2,60 pound 22 27 2,70 pound 28 33 -2,80 number of stops 34 liraya, 39-2,90 number of stops 40 liraya, 2,95 and higher number of stops was increased to XNUMX lire.
However, the small detail in pricing is overlooked by most citizens. For example, a citizen who gets on the metrobus from Söğütlüçeşme stop has to pay 8 lira for 2,40 stops in Zincirlikuyu. The amount withdrawn from Akbil while getting on the metrobus is 2,95 TL, which is the longest journey fee. The passenger landing in Zincirlikuyu has to get back 55 cents from the money back machine. If a passenger does not do this, he pays 2,95 lira, which is the longest distance, regardless of how many stops he goes. Citizens must take back the amount in their akbils from money return machines so that they do not pay too much money.

Source: Metrobus

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