Metro and train strikes in Spain cause 120km of queues on highways

Metro and train strikes in Spain caused long queues on the highways of major cities like Madrid and Barcelona.
Work stoppages by metro workers in Madrid and the public transport sector under the autonomous Catalonia, who opposed the government's decision to privatize and protested 24-hour strikes, as well as cuts in their salaries, locked traffic during the entry and exit hours. Traffic General Directorate announced that there were queues of up to 120 kilometers on highways in Madrid.
In the meantime, the trade unions, 90 level of participation in the strike is claimed to be at the level of the Ministry of Transport announced the participation of 22,68 percent.
On the other hand, during the demonstrations held in Madrid, railway and metro workers walked from Atocha train station to Sol Square in the city center. Railway and metro workers who protested the government also supported the education sector employees whose salaries and some social rights were cut due to the economic crisis due to the start of the new education and training season.
During the day during the demonstrations in the Atocha train station to overcome the security measures between the police and the police experienced a brawl, 3 people were taken into custody.
Metro workers in Madrid announced that they will take action to stop work at certain hours when traffic is heavy on September 21, 28 and October 1.

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