The opening dates of the Marmaray Project and Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Projects were taken forward

According to previous statements, the opening of the Marmaray Project was announced as October 29, 2013. Construction of the project started in December 2008.
Within the scope of the Marmaray Project, 40 units were built on Asian and European sides. 76.3 kilometer-long line, 13.6 km underground, under the sea is being built. 75 thousand passengers will be transported in one direction per hour. Every 2 will be able to move on one of these lines in minutes.
When the project is completed, Üsküdar-Sirkeci 4 will be available in minutes. Yenikapı from Söğütlüçeşme to 12 in minutes, from Bostancı to Bakırköy in 37 minutes, from Gebze HalkalıIt is now possible to reach 105 in minutes.

Source: Hürriyet



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