Lucchini says it has received orders from the European market and overseas markets

Italy-based long steel producer Lucchini announced that it has received steel rail orders from new markets as well as its regular customers and announced that it strengthened its position in the market. According to this, Lucchini officials stated that the order of € 80 million from Italian Railways indicated that the order in question indicates that Lucchini remains competitive against foreign producers.
Lucchini recently in France, England, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and rail to meet the needs of 70% of Lucchini has announced that it received orders from Turkey. Lucchini also announced that it will continue to supply both standard rails and high-speed rails to Swiss national railways throughout 2013. The Piombino-based rail manufacturer is expected to be busy with the production of existing orders by the first half of 2013.
Stating that it aims to increase its presence in overseas markets by using its connections at the ports, Lucchini announced that it has received 12.000 mt of rail orders from Argentina and 40.000 mt of railways from Algeria. By the end of 2012, Lucchini plans to ship a total of 50.000 mt of rail to the United Arab Emirates for railway projects in Abu Dhabi.
Indicating that they closely anticipate the railway investment projects in ASEAN and African countries, Lucchini is among the countries where it has received orders from Malaysia and Nigeria.

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