Light subway is being extended, Istanbul's main terminal is yenikapı

With the completion of Marmaray and the completion of ongoing metro projects, Yenikapı will become the main station of Istanbul in the next 3-4 years. Marmaray Regional Manager H. İbrahim Özmen describes the new location of Yenikapı in Istanbul transportation as follows: “Yenikapı region is actually the biggest transfer center of Istanbul. There are 4 different lines of transportation system integrated into each other. One of them you know Marmaray. The Taksim-Levent line, which is integrated into Marmaray, reaches to Yenikapı. The station construction of the Metropolitan Municipality is ongoing right at the station of Marmaray. In addition, the light metro on Vatan Street is extended to Yenikapı again. It's about to end. In addition, the Beylükdüzü-Bakırköy-Yenikapı line designed by Büyükşehir is at the project stage. It is already an important center in terms of sea transportation. Therefore, Yenikapı will become a huge transfer center in the next few years.

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