The invention of the peasants cable car

Yüksekova - Bostancık (Gulort) Village, located 30 kilometers away from Yüksekova District of Hakkari, is a settlement surrounded by high mountains. As the village where the 10 household is located is surrounded by high mountains, the villagers have difficulty in cultivating.

In many places, agricultural products were transported by horses and tractors, while people in this village developed their own methods due to the high mountains. The villagers engaged in the cable car on the rope to which the rope is connected to the electricity and telephone poles this time used. The villagers who use the wires used in the poles for the cable car, carry the agricultural products to their villages with this method.

Ropeway solution to high mountains

Kadir Çakto, one of the villagers, said that they have been using this method for nearly ten years. Stating that they used methods like rope before but experienced problems with irritation of ropes in time, Çakto said, “We are able to carry agricultural products for a long time because we use wire. We even bring winter wood from this hill with this method tep. Cakto added that during the summer all the villagers were doing agricultural work together and said, “I am the grass that is being downloaded. But with my neighbors, we do our work by helping. ”

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