Air conditioning system started to be installed on trams in Konya

Air conditioning system started to be installed on trams serving under the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department. The air conditioners, which were surprised by the passengers who got on the trams in the morning, were placed in various places from the beginning to the end of the tram. It is expected that the windows will be kept fixed so that there is no air circulation. The trams, which have an important place in urban transportation and make 310 daily trips between Alaaddin Hill and Selcuk University Alaaddin Keykubat Campus, carry approximately 30 million passengers per year. Alaadddin-Cumhuriyet line was put into service in 1992 and Alaaddin-Kampus line was put into service in 1995, 19 kilometers of tram service and 2007 kilometers of In-Campus rail system line were added in 3,5, making the total line length 22,5 kilometers. Thus, Konya, the city with the first tram in Anatolia, also has the feature of being the only city with tram service on the university campus. kazanwas.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which brought its new rail system investments and new tram purchases to the last stage, is expected to make the purchase of new trams completed in March-April this year towards the end of this year.

Source: Memleket

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