Konya is behind the metropolitan cities

Konya, which is among the first cities to meet the tram, started to use the tram in 1992. In similar cities, the tram came in the early 2000s. Now those trams are more modern.
Turkey tram to the first meet between provinces located in Konya, brought in 1992 from Germany 1960-65 models from the tram while using currently, Kayseri, Antalya, Eskişehir, Bursa, just as modernized by following the technology
In Turkey, urban rail public transportation system providing application infrastructure to put the first among the provinces of Konya, has launched the first tram ride from the beginning of the 1990s. While Konya started to use trams in urban transportation in 1992, trams were used in similar cities such as Eskişehir, Kayseri and Bursa in the following years. Trams started to be used after 2000s in Gaziantep, whose basis is not read in transportation with the rail system.
Despite being the first city to use the tram in public transportation, Konya fell behind other cities over time. It stood far behind not only other cities, but also technology and the requirements of the modern age. Trams used in Germany in the 1960s are still trying to take the burden of transportation in Konya after 2012 years in 52. Pressures made to change the trams that have been on Konya's agenda since 2004 yielded results after 8 years. Half a century old trams in Konya will become history and after years Konya will have access to the conditions that suit it.
The essence of the word is understood when comparing the trams that provide most of Konya's transportation with the trams used in other metropolitan cities. Konya's acquaintance with the tram is older than the other cities that are far ahead of itself with its developed trams. This situation reveals that Konya could not show the rapid growth and development expansion in recent years in public transportation. While the population of Seljuk district, which was the route of the tram in 1992, was 888 thousand, in 2012 the population of the Seljuk reaches the 600 thousand limit. In the meantime, the number of trams from 18 is increased to 60. While no modernization work is carried out on the trams, they are only brought from the same trams.
When the Konya tram is compared with the trams in Istanbul, Antalya, Kayseri, Bursa and Eskişehir, the difference between the trams of other cities is also revealed in terms of comfort and appearance. Konya trams are similar to public transportation vehicles in India. The same transport vehicle congestion and crowd in India can be seen on Konya trams. Passengers have to wait for minutes and form a queue to get on the tram in Konya. In addition, transportation by Konya tram takes hours. It takes 1 hour from the center to the campus by tram.
Modern tramway in Antalya

Modern tramway in Eskisehir

Modern tramway in Gaziantep

Modern tramway in Kayseri

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