Keşan Mayor Mehmet Özcan's dream of cable car

Keşan Mayor Mehmet Özcan, who attended the opening of the Değirmentepe Facilities last Saturday, talked about his dream of a ropeway.

Following the opening of the facility's windmill tower with the guests coming to the Ozcan, District Governor Bekir Dınkırcı'a Değirmentepe Facilities and Mehmet Gemici can be placed between the towers that can be placed on the hill behind the Garden of Eden, ropeway can be done.
For Keşan, there is an innovation and a new excitement for the people of the district, Mehmet Özcan said, ilçe I just dreamed. How about, how do we do. But I'm sure that if you do, you will have a very nice image. Ama

Özcan, the question of how much of the project will cost the journalists said: in I just spent my mind. I made a dream. I didn't say anything. I don't know how much it'il cost. I cannot give an approximate value but can be evaluated forwards. Yaklaşık

Members of the press al To dream, to begin. You say at the opening of every big project. That's what will happen. Fer Mehmet Özcan emphasized that he left the new ropeway project to time.

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