Kadıköy- There is a shortage of pedestrian roads and disabled lifts in Kartal metro line.

Kadıköy- The opening of the Kartal Metro Line was held on August 17, 2012, but its deficiencies in terms of station areas and pedestrian connections draw attention.
Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line was opened on August 17, 2012, but; The first subway of the Anatolian Side has troubles for its users due to the lack of stations and pedestrian connections. It can be seen that certain parts of the underground parts of the stations have not been completed yet and their rough construction is not finished.

It is observed that the construction of disabled lifts is not completed and construction of some stations can prevent the access of people with disabilities to the metro.

The line's Maltepe station alone shows all the mistakes… Kadıköy The fact that it is irregular and incomplete in its three exits in the direction of the direction suggests that a good enough planning could not be made in the process. One of these exits leads to the E-5 highway as it says on the sign; but it does not arrive at the bus stop as it says on the sign.

On the pedestrian road that is not yet landscaped, it is necessary to walk from the vehicle road to the right station as the rubble covers the road. The exit for the disabled lift is not understood for what purpose is built; because there is already an exit at the bus station. However, it is expected to be integrated with bus lines.

Therefore, it is worth noting that there are two metro exits on the same route in order to reach the bus station which is continuing in the same direction.

The exit of Maltepe station in Kartal direction is even more interesting. There is a pedestrian crossing at the exit of the station to reach the pedestrian area at E-5; However, it is necessary to skip the barriers to cross this road leading to the E-5 highway.

However, once the pedestrian exit in E-5 is reached, the only option that can be used as a public transportation vehicle is the minibuses that are considered to be lifted. Because there is no bus stop here. This situation in general, Kadıköy- It makes the impression that the Eagle Metro Line is rushed.

It's not easy to get to work
In the preparation stage of this article, metro line was used many times to be objective. These shortcomings reflect a two-week observation. Unfortunately, these shortcomings need to be added to signaling, that is to say the problems of the organization of expeditions. Failure of the metro services, which are expected to be punctual, is a serious problem. The metro, which is the most reliable means of reaching the workplace in a timely manner, is not seen as a sufficiently stable means of transportation for the employees.

Since the subway has an independent road traffic, it is a fast means of transportation, but the time taken to reach a place by metro should not be measured by the time between two stations. Because the time it takes to arrive at the station and the time taken to leave the station affect the total time of transportation. For example, the distance between the Ünalan station, which is used to reach the Metrobüs line, and the Çayırbaşı Metrobus stop, with the most optimistic estimation, takes up to 10 minutes.

How Much does the Metron Cost?
CHP Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın gave information about the cost of the Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir subways at a press conference on August 23. Good morning, the cost of 43 km of Ankara Metro per km, excluding wagons, is 90 million TL; 8 km Izmir Metro, including wagons, 56 million TL; 22 km KadıköyHe stated that the Eagle Metro cost 141 million TL, including wagons. If these numbers are correct, Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line is quite expensive ...
Lasting 7,5 years Kadıköy- It seems that the Eagle Metro needs a little more time for the disabled to be able to use easily, without any delays, and to become clean and comfortable that the passengers deserve.

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