Kadıköy- Is there an Kartal-Gebze line in the continuation of the Kartal metro project?

Kadıköy- Is there an Kartal-Gebze line in the continuation of the Kartal metro project? If yes, at what stage is the project?
Mehmet Hilal Kaplan, CHP Deputy of Kocaeli, to Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım Kadıköy- He submitted a question proposal regarding the Kartal metro line.
It is claimed as the biggest investment in the history of the Republic on the Anatolian Side. Kadıköy-Kartal Metro, total cost including the wagons is 3.1 Billion TL. Metro Line 22 km. in length and consists of 16 stations. It is stated that the daily passenger capacity is 700 thousand.
KadıköyIt is envisaged that 32 buses and 62 minibuses will be saved each year with the start of the Kartal subway, and 572 buses and 1.227 minibuses will be withdrawn from traffic in the first year. KadıköyThe fact that the subway line brought from Kartal to Gebze is not extended until Gebze, is a great ordeal for thousands of Istanbul and Gebze people who come and go to Gebze six days a week for business.
KadıköyWith the metro line from Kartal to Kartal, the citizen riding from Gebze to the minibus gives 2 TL to the metro line, and the citizen who gets on the metro pays 2 TL for the metro to complete the journey. This lived hop-on hank and payments are valid for all citizens traveling between Istanbul and Gebze. Citizen pays 8 TL per day and 210 TL per month in this mandatory journey for business.
Taking into account time and labor, the importance of the transportation service increases. KadıköyThe subway line, which was brought from Kartal to Kartal, did not completely eliminate the victimization of our citizens. On the other hand, while the Ministry of Transportation undertook the construction of 4 metro lines in Istanbul and 3 in Ankara, the application of the "undertaking of the construction work of the new Izmir metro lines by the Ministry of Transportation" to the Ministry of Transportation at the end of 2010 remained unanswered. It is clear that Ankara and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipalities have many times more budget than İzmir, but they are not able to complete their metro works and they are much more expensive than İzmir.
90 million TL except rail car in Ankara, 141 million in Istanbul including the rail car cost of the metro, including the wagon in Izmir 56 million TL. Roughly it cost the price of one of Istanbul's 3.
In this context;
• There are thousands of people between Istanbul and Gebze for the relief of this suffering every day. Kadıköy-Do you have a project on behalf of the Kartal-Gebze line at the later stage of the Kartal metro line project? If there is no such project on your agenda, what are the reasons?
• Kadıköy- Is there an Kartal-Gebze line in the continuation of the Kartal metro project? If yes, at what stage is the project?
• What is the number of people traveling daily between Istanbul and Gebze? Kadıköy-How much should this number reach for the Kartal-Gebze line to be added to the continuation of the Kartal metro project?
• In the first year, you expect 572 bus, 1.227 van to be withdrawn from traffic. How do you plan to end the grievance of 1.799 minibus and bus shopkeepers who serve this line?
• At the end of the year 2010 of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Ministry of Transport applied to the Ministry of Transport.
• 90 million TL excluding railcar in Ankara, 141 million cost including rail car in İstanbul, cost 56 million TL including railcar in İzmir. It was roughly paid for the price of one of Istanbul's 3. Is there any source of cost difference in Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir metro works? Does your ministry have a research on this issue?

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