İzmir Metropolitan Municipality delegation examined the tram systems of Berlin

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality delegation, who went to Germany to examine the tram systems that have been operating successfully for more than 100 years, also held talks in Berlin after Bremen. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who was briefed at BVG, which operates the city's public transportation systems, and put the Berlin model on the table, also visited Senator Michael Müller and had a meeting on the same subject.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu talked with Berlin State Senator Müller, responsible for environment and city development, about the transportation problems and solutions of the two cities. Berlin's transport consultant, Dr. Fiedemann Kunst and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy General Secretary Raif Canbek also attended the meeting, mainly focused on tram systems. Stating that they wanted to benefit from Berlin's experiences while establishing the tram system in İzmir, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We want to switch from the rubber wheel system to the rail system in public transportation. While doing this, we are trying to get to know new technologies closely. For example, we are closely examining the bottom feed system instead of the catenary, but this system is not yet applicable even in the most developed cities of Europe. " he spoke. Kocaoğlu said that they are closely following the developments in the electric bus system.
Senator Müller stated that they give priority to the tram in public transportation and that the important groups that produce the transportation systems are in Berlin, which gives them a great advantage. Emphasizing that there was a 1910-kilometer tram line in Berlin, which turned horse-drawn trams into electrical systems in 190, he said, “As soon as we saw the decrease in road traffic, we started to work on the integration of bicycles with public transportation systems. There are things in the electric bus system that just don't fit. In this process, we installed a special filter on all of our buses in order to reduce the air pollution in diesel to zero. " said.
President Kocaoğlu, who also visited the headquarters of the BVG company, which operates the public transportation systems in Berlin, received information on the most common problems and solutions, the settlement of tram lines in areas with heavy traffic and their integration with other transportation systems. Kocaoğlu and the accompanying delegation also made a city tour with the 2010 design award-winning tram operated by BVG.
After contact with Turkey's Consul General Mustafa Pulat Berlin and Consul General Counsel Carol Smith also visiting Aziz Kocaoglu, Pulat celebrated the end of October, which will go to the newly appointed ambassador to Nigeria. Consul General Pulat, who said he was very happy with Kocaoğlu's visit, said, “There are very successful Turkish schools in vocational training here. We can bring the well-established schools in Izmir together with them. In addition, we do our best to make some districts of Izmir and some of Berlin brothers. Such initiatives can also play an active role in the fight against racism. " He spoke in the form.

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