Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing an integrated transportation plan

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality finally put into practice the most comprehensive transportation plan after İZBAN was activated. Metropolitan is struggling to activate the Intelligent Traffic System, on the other hand, it is in a hurry to sign an integrated transport plan with IZBAN. I draw your attention, the rushed Şirinyer Marketplace protocol is just about this.
Şirinyer ESHOT Transfer Center, located right next to Şirinyer İZBAN Station, is the smallest transfer center in the city center of Büyükşehir. Planned on a total of 4 buses, the area is far from Buca, which is in the minds of Büyükşehir. So much so that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality focuses on the Şirinyer Marketplace Project. It even rushes.
I will not write about the mistakes of the Şirinyer Marketplace Protocol, the possibility of its cancellation. He has expressed it many times, Yenigün.
In this project, the transfer center that Metropolitan is planning to build is the size of a small bus garage. Moreover, it is right next to the existing transfer station. In other words, the project jointly made with Buca has a vital quality for Metropolitan. If this area had not been opened, Buca, which has easy access to all parts of İzmir, would have continued not to use İZBAN's Şirinyer Station and to go everywhere by bus. The Şirinyer-Buca tram line, which has not even been planned, caused Bucalı to be embittered by the railway.
In other words, the reconciliation of the inhabitants with the railway and the relief of Alsancak traffic depend on the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's transport of the Şirinyer Transfer Station, that is, its enlargement.
You ask why?
Let me tell you this;
It is inevitable that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start working to make the İZBAN line more usable in the coming days.
I once loved this line, which facilitates access to many points, especially to the airport. İZBAN increased the number of flights with new wagons added on the line, the number of passengers requested in the new wagons did not catch much. Şirinyer is located at the top of the stations where the number of passengers is low.
With the addition of ESHOT's buses, which destroy Alsancak traffic, to all this trouble, the Metropolitan Izmir does not receive a kind of applause, no matter how much money it spends on transportation.
It is clear that Alsancak has no backup. It can't be.
So, what to do for such a way?
Somehow he should clear the buses out of here.
So how?
Of course, with İZBAN.
Stay tight.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will gradually remove buses numbered 70, 576 and 90, which have a significant contribution to traffic density in Alsancak.
The transfer center to be enlarged in Şirinyer will also contribute to this.
İZBAN's trains departing from Alsancak also use Şirinyer and Gaziemir stops.
The aim is to relieve the traffic of Alsancak by not letting these buses into Alsancak.
For example, the place called Gaziemir District Garage will be the last stop for buses numbered 90. 90 will stop here, the passenger will get on İZBAN and arrive in Alsancak.
One is 70 and 576 numbers.
The last stop of both buses will be the Şirinyer Transfer Center.
Buses will stop here, the passenger will get on İZBAN and arrive in Alsancak.
Therefore, these buses, which enter Alsancak almost every 5-10 minutes, will no longer enter Alsancak traffic.
I don't know when the Şirinyer Transfer Center is finished, but 70, 576 and 90 number passengers get ready.
Traveling to Alsancak with İZBAN is very soon ...

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