İZBAN Divides the Küçükada Neighborhood in Half

The road that was closed to traffic after IZBAN rail transport project was realized has plagued the citizen
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Residents of Küçükada District with a population of 5 thousand inhabitants of Konak district criticized the lack of a station within a thousand meters of 4 between the Şirinyer and Kemer stations on the İZBAN line. 4 There is a single station along the line of thousand meters IZBAN. IZBAN is passing by our house 5 meters, divide the neighborhood in half, all the noise, we're pulling but the fun of others are driving, ından he said.
Residents of Küçükada District of Konak District of İzmir told about the problems they have experienced since the opening of İZBAN to our newspaper Ege Telgraf. 6 March 2011 is the largest public transportation project in the history of the Republic, which was put into service with a grand ceremony in the history of the 80. One of the longest distances between the two stations on the suburban line where the 31 station is located is between Şirinyer -Kemer. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun Gürçeşme Square in the neighborhood of Küçükada is located in the location of the upper passage of the station, but the TCDD claims that this proposal was vetoed. He addressed to Minister of Communications Binali Yıldırım, Karakaya; N TCDD 3 of the period. Regional Director Sebahattin Eris stopped the construction of the station. The report was prepared for the region to be technically unsuitable. We did not want a very large and luxurious station here. Couldn't a modest station be made for us? There isn't a single station along the 4 km, and our rails are divided into two. I call our Minister of Transportation, do we not deserve a station? We are shooting all the noise of İZBAN, but we can't drive. Our roads are closed to traffic due to İZBAN. We are calling an ambulance to the neighborhood. We come to the other side of İZBAN, there are 5 meters, but we cannot pass this side because we do not have a lower passage. Again, 3 travels in front of the Kocaman Hospital passing through the Tepecik bridge and coming to the neighborhood. Tekrar
Ed What is the main reason for veto? “
While the Metropolitan Municipality of İZBAN line was made by expropriating many places that have to pay the price Muhtar Karakaya, the station proposed for the station belongs to TCDD, the municipality does not need to pay the expropriation fee stating that this station is not done, stating that the injustice to compensate. 1433 on the street closed to the village who want to come to the village headman, who should go a thousand thousand miles 500 meter Karakaya said; Iler The 4 made one overpass for a thousand meters, but they couldn't think of making an underpass for vehicles. If you had been asked to me as the headman overpass would not wish the underpass. A few hundred meters from here, they did not close the road in front of the Konak Municipality Directorate of Cleaning Affairs, but there was also a citizen who died under İZBAN. Instead of leaving the iron bars open, they could make an underpass there. Demir
TCDD 3 Regional Director of the different levels of TCDD'in Sebahattin Eris in some of the claims about the Muhammad Karakaya, Erasmus station veto the project and as a reason; He said, 'There is a slope of 9 at this point'. Muhtar Karakaya said that this is not the real reason of the veto. “Let us tell you the real veto. Do they see the people who live here are worthless? Burada
“We are here to serve“
Muhtar Ünal Karakaya said that they worked day and night to bring service to the citizen, they could not get the money spent, Konak Mayor also did not steal the doors for once. Black Rock; ? Today we have the mayor: 'Do you have a headman who does not steal the President's door?' If you ask, I think only one shows me. They're ignoring us. If you want to serve a neighborhood, you should first ask the muhtars who know the neighborhood. Citizen's garbage comes to us, the electricity comes to us the water is cut, come to help us. We run to everyone's business, but nobody's interested in us. They said that you will be able to pay for your BIR-KUR payments after your arrival. State allowance 400TL, how will I pay my Bağ-KUR? Of course I couldn't pay and I borrowed 15 thousand TL to BAĞ-KUR. While doing public service, it is very hard to get out of debt to the state e.

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