İZBAN commuter line users will be able to park their private cars in Şirinyer park

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Buca Municipality signed the protocol with the complete renewal of Şirinyer Park ş
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the park will be made in the field of reaction to the allegations about the shopping center, 'Alsancak'de opposed, bangir bangir bond, come here, Buca'nın hub of the heart. Will this work? Who tries to wrap the sun with a mud? These manipulations, rumors to the country, the city is damaging. Don't believe anything in my voice, without my voice. Do not believe you did not see with your eyes, Göz he said.
Metropolitan Municipality has signed a protocol for the project which will transform the area of ​​64 thousand 600 square meters into a new attraction center in Şirinyer Park in Buca district. Mayor Kocaoglu and Bucan Mayor Ercan Tatı signed the two municipalities. Speaking at the ceremony, as in all the districts of the city, the city of Buca, municipal properties, squares, parks due to the lack of a few functions in a field by trying to do a job trying to do, he said. Stating that the buildings in the hands of public spaces, state institutions, ministries and regional directorates are the values ​​that distorted cities cannot achieve, Kocaoğlu said, ler We know that the sale of these places will cause more congestion in the already congested cities. This 81 area of ​​one thousand square meters, the biggest campus after the Aegean University Tınaztepe Campus and will be the meeting place of our students. Kocaoglu also stated that they will make a transfer center for those who want to get out of Şirinyer Station and to be dispersed into Buca. We can make cafes from the past and the shops that will be rented by the municipality without increasing the area of ​​6 square meters. Geç
The protocol includes re-projecting, construction and management of Şirinyer Park. With the new arrangement, recreation area in the region, green area regulations, open-space bazaar with sales units, mobile cinema, municipal service area and closed marketplace will be built. Underground parking in the same area, Aliaga-Menderes IZBAN commuter line will be provided to park their private cars. A new transfer station will also be built. The use of existing green spaces will be increased and the arrangement in the project will be made accordingly. Renewable energy use will also be provided with the green roof.

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