Public transport in Istanbul is free on September 17, the day schools are opened

It was decided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council that public transportation would be free until 17:13.00 on Monday in order to avoid traffic problems on Monday, September XNUMX, when the schools will be opened.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council held the first meeting of the September meetings in the council hall in Saraçhane Municipality Palace.
In the meeting led by the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, Ahmet Selamet, the AK Party and the CHP Group made a joint written motion and demanded that public transportation be free of charge between 2012-2013 on September 17, the first day of the 06.00-13.00 academic year.
It was noted in the proposal that it was aimed to minimize the use of individual vehicles by directing Istanbulites to public transportation on the first day of the opening of the schools.
The proposal was adopted by the unanimous vote of the council members.
In line with the decision, on Monday, September 17, IETT buses, metrobus, public buses, Bus AŞ vehicles, Şehir Hatları ferries and all subway, light metro, tram and funicular vehicles belonging to Transportation Inc. will serve Istanbul residents free of charge between 06.00-13.00.

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