Public transportation in Istanbul will be free between 17-06.00 on 13.00 September.

Public transportation in Istanbul will be free between 2012-2013 on September 17, when the 06.00-13.00 academic year will start.
17 police will be on duty in the city between 18-19 in front of 1037 primary and secondary schools on September 07.00-19.00-3600.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took some measures to avoid traffic problems on Monday, September 228, when 187 million 660 thousand students and 3 thousand teachers will start education in a total of 75 thousand 2 schools, including one thousand 700 primary schools, 104 secondary schools and 17 high schools.
On the day the schools are opened, IETT buses, metrobus, public buses, Bus AŞ vehicles, Şehir Hatları ferries and the metro, light subway, tram and funicular vehicles of Transportation Inc. will serve free of charge between 06.00-13.00.
School buses will be able to park free cars for 2 hours in ISPARK car parks around the school, on the day the schools are opened, at school entrance and exit times. In addition, school and personnel buses will be able to use the "bus route" used by public transportation vehicles. Free tow truck service will be provided at 9 points.
IETT will put an additional time on the bus and bus. City Lines ferry service will be increased. The subway, light subway-funicular will be able to launch a maximum speed.
The Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) will also carry 17 pedestrian passengers free of charge on the Sirkeci-Harem car ferry line between 06.00-13.00 on Monday, September.

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