A metro tax should be placed in Istanbul!

Eyyup Albayrak, Sales and Marketing Manager of Vera Group, which attracts attention with her Life in Vera, Vera Vizyon and Vera Prestige projects in Esenyurt, made an interesting suggestion about the subway lines, which is a very important premium instrument for the real estate sector.
Istanbul, especially after the removal of the principle of reciprocity is a great attraction for foreign real estate investors underlining that Albayrak, çiz Istanbul, especially foreigners in the eyes of this attraction in the eyes of the state to turn into investment. Istanbul is currently the biggest problem traffic. Nobody wants to reach the destination in 1 hour, 4 clock in a small vehicle failure or accident. Kimse
Ina Even tax on the proximity of “
This problem is solved in the most precise way, the rail system, which indicates that the subway Eyyup Albayrak'ın interesting suggestions of this point is revealed exactly. Because Albayrak, the subway lines will pass from the districts, just asphalted by the tax paid by the citizens of the tax paid to the collection of tax. Alınabilir Depending on the proximity of the metro line, depending on the location of the subway line, a tax can be taken which can be called derec metro tax göre. Because the subway is a very costly investment. The municipalities' budget was not enough, many metro lines were transferred to the Ministry of Transport. We cannot solve the traffic problem unless we cover Istanbul under the metro network and we will be discussing this issue even after 50 years. İstanbul
“Let's make publicity“
In the districts where metro line is needed, Albayrak stated that the city will be able to determine the metro which will be done first by making a public opinion, yapılarak This issue is vital for our sector. Take, for example, the Press Express Way: In this region, the apartments are doing very well, but the workplaces don't. Because the transportation infrastructure is insufficient. The plazas made there make no sense unless you even make a subway. Siz
Foreign investor pending
Eyyup Albayrak also states that the results of the abolition of the reciprocity principle are not yet at the desired level, and that there was a great deal of interest about six months ago. It should be clarified that some gaps were left while preparing the necessary legal regulations, for example, how long foreign nationals who buy a house can stay in their homes, how they can get a residence permit. kazanAlbayrak, who says that the bureaucratic procedures are long in some issues, adds to his words that many foreign real estate investors planning to invest millions of dollars are in a waiting position due to such problems. Albayrak also underlined that he predicts a monthly income of 3 billion dollars if these problems are overcome.

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