IMM 17 took extraordinary measures for traffic nightmare in September

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the opening of schools on Monday in September 17 traffic problems to avoid any problems in the traffic has received. In the written statement, İBB General Secretary Asst. Mustafa Hacımustafaoğlu chaired the meeting, the schools will open 17 on Monday in September to prevent traffic negativity, additional traffic measures were taken.
Those measures taken at the meeting were explained as follows: In the week when the schools are opened, heavy traffic measures will be taken in the school environment and many vehicle towers will be made available. Existing road-excavation works will be completed before the school opening day and road-excavation works will not be done until the week when the schools are opened. Mandatory studies will be done at night.
On the day the schools are opened, public transportation vehicles will serve for free between 06.00-13.00. Student buses will complete their student registration a week in advance so that they will not be idle on the first day of the schools. The places where students will be taken will be determined. The buses will pick up the student from his home and drop him off. It will not go to the service without a student. School buses will park for 2 hours free of charge at the Ispark car parks around the school on the day the schools are opened, during the school entrance and exit hours. In addition, school and personnel buses will be able to use the bus route used by public transportation vehicles. In addition, free tow truck service will be provided at 9 points. Commercial taxis or private cars parked in front of or near bus stops will not be allowed. Vehicles that prevent buses from approaching the stations by parking here will be towed and penalties will be imposed. IETT will put additional flights on the metrobus line and buses. City lines ferry services will be increased. Metro, Light Metro-Funicular will run at maximum frequency.
559 police officers will work to ensure the flow of traffic. On the day the schools will be opened, the police officers and District Police Department staff will ensure the traffic order on the main arteries. The Provincial Gendarmerie Command will work with approximately 800 personnel in the area of ​​responsibility. A thousand Police Officers will help organize traffic on the side streets around schools throughout Istanbul.

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