High Speed ​​Train Increases the Number of Stone Quarries by East Marmara Motorway


Quarry and mining initiatives continue uninterrupted in every corner of Kocaeli.
It is desired to establish a quarry in Akmeşe. There are mining and quarry initiatives on the backs of the gulf. New hearth attempts are known in the upper parts of Hereke.
Now, finally, there is an attempt to establish a new quarry near Maşukiye. An EIA meeting on this issue was to be held yesterday evening in Maşukiye.
The Eastern Marmara Motorway and the High Speed ​​Train project, which will pass through our region, have the appetite of the quarry operators. Particularly for these two large projects, a large amount of filling material will be needed. Break the rock of the mountain, transport the shortest way to the construction site, take the money. This is the target Hedef
Nobody thinks that these initiatives will completely disrupt the natural balance in our region. Every quarry, every mining quarry also means that many large dump trucks enter the city traffic. Kocaeli cannot remove them. It is unacceptable that these stone quarries of the forest areas in Kocaeli are drawn back to mining enterprises.
But they keep coming. They come from all over Turkey. They get licenses from ministries from Ankara and finish the job to a great extent. Then they hold show EIA meetings here.
The Governorate, Metropolitan, should clearly and clearly shout: te We do not want a new quarry or a mine in this city. No one should come, net he said clearly.
If the city is filled with stone quarries in a few years, this city will be uninhabitable.

Source : www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is

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